Are RV Ladder Bike Racks Safe? (Best RV Bike Racks)

Why RV Ladder Bike Racks are Safe

Published Date: July 6, 2021

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RVing with the comfort of a home is just how we love to travel. And if you’re a camper who enjoys biking whether it’s visiting beautiful beaches or hiking, you definitely know that bike is coming with you no matter what.

But are RV ladder bike racks safe? Yes, Rv ladder bike racks are 100% safe, and does not pose any risk while traveling because once snuggly fasten, your bike won’t slip off or scratch the RV when you stumble across a bump in the road.

What grips the minds of most road trippers is seeing their bikes rolling down through their rearview mirror after the first bump.

Well, in this post, we’re also going to show you some of our recommended and safest and best Rv bike racks so you don’t choose the wrong one.

Why RV Ladder Bike Racks are Safe and Best to Use

Are RV Ladder Bike Racks Safe

First of all, Rv ladder bike racks are very safe to use while traveling. the RV ladder bike racks are the simplest, yet effective solution that ensures your bike(s) goes wherever you go without giving up other necessities even when running out of space.

It doesn’t pose any risk while traveling because once snuggly fasten, your bike won’t slip off or scratch the RV when you stumble across a bump in the road.

So below are some of the reasons why RV ladder bike racks are safe and best to use (in detail):

1. Easy To Assemble & Use

Setting up this rack takes just a few minutes. And once assembled, all you need do is load the bike and you are good to go!

2. It Keeps Your Bike Stable

The sole purpose of a bike rack is to keep your bike stable while on transportation. The sturdy design with adjustable, padded hooks holds the bikes firmly so you have peace of mind knowing they will stay put.

3. Rv Approved

Fits all RV and has been built to withstand external conditions.

4. Worry-Free Security

You don’t have to panic about midnighters. Bike racks let you have peace of mind knowing that your bikes are protected with a locking hitch pin and cables.

5. Versatile

You can easily transport up to two bikes and is compatible with a 2″ hitch receiver and a maximum weight capacity of 45 Ibs. per bike.

Although, these racks must be chosen carefully to ensure that they fit perfectly into the RV. And must be compatible with the type of bike you’re planning on towing.

Is it a mountain bike, electric bike, children’s bike, or large framed cruised? These are questions you need to ask yourself.

Best Rv Bike Racks [Affordable and Long-Lasting]

best rv bike racks

Below are some of the safest and best Rv bike racks that will enable you to safely carry your bikes while traveling:

1. Quick Products RV bumper-mounted 2-Bike Rack

This is a 2-bike rack designed for bumper mounting. Even when encountered with the worst of bumps that could throw off your bikes, this unit not only holds them firmly but also safely.

This product promises to make traveling and exploration more convenient, as it allows bicycles of all lengths to be carried, thanks to its adjustable mounting.

On top of that, its construction is durable and rugged, considering it was made from pure steel.

In the best-case scenario, it is coated with powder for extra protection, longevity, and corrosion resistance. So you don’t even need to worry about external elements.


  • Very durable and long-lasting
  • Gives you complete customizable control
  • Installation of this bike rack is a breeze
  • Ensures your bike safety 99.9%


  • Will not fit fat-tire bicycles or bicycles with wheels over 29”

2. Swagman Dispatch RV Hitch Mount Bike Rack

Swagman Dispatch Bike Rack is an innovative unit that makes traveling with bikes easier and more enjoyable.

Most campers that have used the Dispatch Hitch Bike Rack confused its reliability and robust strength. That it is one of a kind and we love everything about it.

So what made this unit exceptional?

The Dispatch Hitch RV bumper bike rack features a certified RV approval certificate and has approximately 45lbs of maximum load capacity.

It can carry two bikes with ease adjustable hooks that help secure your frame to the rack. Included in the package are locking cables and a hitch pin, which helps in making this a more convenient unit for your bikes and RV.


  • Versatile
  • Secures more than one bike
  • Very easy to mount and disassemble
  • Won’t break or erode quickly


  • None

Conclusion | Are RV Ladder Bike Racks Safe?

Are RV ladder bike racks safe? Once again, the simple answer is YES, Rv ladder bike racks are safe to use.

And all my years of RVing with bikes these two racks have NEVER failed. If the one I’m using got spoiled I’ll get a new one from the same either brand because these racks hold your bikes securely in place, and it accommodates all lengths of bikes.

We are confident that this unit will protect your bike until you reach your final destination.

Moreover, I’ve never seen any other preferable alternative to this – maybe there could be, I don’t know. Please if there is one don’t hesitate to voice it out via the comment section below.

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