Best Bunkhouse Travel Trailers Under 5000 Lbs

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Published Date: February 18, 2021

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Not everyone has got the big truck to pull heavy bunkhouse travel trailers around. And for those that have one, they still prefer to own a moderate-size travel trailer.

Not only are they affordable, but they are also easy to maintain and will not take up much space in the garage.

Whatever is the size of your family or team, you would be sure to get a moderate weight, best bunkhouse travel trailers under 5000 lbs that will conveniently meet your needs and offer the luxury that other larger sizes would.

The challenge is that they are too many options for lightweight trailers and it can be confusing on which to go for.

We have done tough scrutiny and only picked the best out there. They are under 5,000 lbs that your present truck can pull, compact yet spacious with all the best luxury.

Advantages Of Lightweight Bunkhouse Travel Trailers

So you may what to ask why should you even buy one of these lightweight travel trailers when there are better values from larger ones. Well, there are a lot of advantages and we have highlighted some of the most important ones below.

1. Easy to move around

The most important advantage of lightweight bunkhouse trailers is that they are easy and convenient to move around. You do not need to have a big truck for this.

A simple SUV vehicle can tow your 5000 lbs weight trailer effortlessly. Maybe your already existing utility vehicle can do this.

2. They tend to be the best for winter living

The best RVs for winter living are usually small in size. It will be easier for a low-capacity propane furnace such as 25,000 BTU to warm up a small space. Also because the space is compact, the heat is retained.

3. You save more money on gas

Since your truck does not have to pull a heavy load, gas consumption is minimized, thus saving you the cost of running an adventure. So you can run more adventures at the same cost as others that own a heavy-duty trailer.

4. More campsite option

There are limitations to owning a large bunkhouse travel trailer. You only have to search through adventure locations that would offer large parking lots to accommodate your size.

For a lightweight trailer, you can have easy access to almost every campsite you’d find interesting to explore.

Best Bunkhouse Travel Trailers Under 5000 Lbs

After carrying out thorough research, below are the best bunkhouse travel trailers under 5000 lbs we could find:

1. Jayco Jay Feather Travel Trailer

Jayco Jay Feather Travel Trailer

The first impression of looking at the Jayco Jay Feather is that it seems bulky. Well, the weight is far from what it looks like. Any SUV would conveniently move it anywhere.

So if you love your travel trailer to be spacious while not having to deal with weight, then you will have no better option than this.

The interior is amazing and provides everything to make your van life memorable. It has a fully functional bathroom, with lots of sleeping space.

It features a 60 X 76 front bed plus a 58 X 76 rear size bed for you and your kids. The sofa gives occupants room for relaxation while still serving as a space for sleeping.

Jayco Jay Feather weighs 4,950 lbs which makes it qualified to be on our list. There is a 2-year warranty plus a 3-year structural warranty on this product.


  • Sufficient space and room for activities
  • Quality warranty on the product and structure
  • Interior is well-demarcated for privacy and feels just like a home
  • Can sleep up to 5 persons


  • Though lightweight, it may look a bit bulky
  • It is expensive

2. Winnebago Hike H171DB

Over the last few years, Winnebago has developed into designing one of the best and most reliable automobiles you would ever need. From the series of models available, their Hike H17DB stands out and offers competitive features in the industry.

If you are not just only in search of a lightweight travel trailer, but a small and compact design, you probably wouldn’t find one better than this.

Despite the small interior, consideration was given to the design to ensure it sleeps up to 4 persons. Thanks to the presence of a Queen’s size bed and a dinette that converts to a bed.

You would find a bathroom with a shower and a well-equipped kitchen.

The only turn-off for us is that it is just a single-plan design with no demarcation for the room.

What more?

This trailer has lots of exterior attachments that ensure you do not leave any of your camping gear behind. Hike H17DB only weighs 4,200 lbs.


  • Small, compact, and lightweight
  • The presence of external attachment makes way to take more gears
  • Maximum stability


  • Not the best if you love privacy since the room shares a common space

3. Oliver Legacy Elite

Oliver Legacy Elite

Though new in the industry, their products can match up to that of popular brands. Oliver Legacy Elite is a molded fiberglass trailer designed to give you class.

Designed to give you comfort, you would not want to live another day outside this cabin. Okay, don’t take us for our word; let us take a tour inside.

Oliver Legacy Elite is a small space cabin that will conveniently sleep only 3 persons. There is a full-size bed and a small bed. Both beds can be jacked up to make a couch, revealing more space during the day.

This trailer is loaded with standard features including A/C, furnace, awning, stainless steel microwave, flush-mount dual burner LP stove, three powered stabilization jacks, fridge, Jensen entertainment system, and more.

Oliver Legacy Elite weighs just 3,700 lbs.


  • Small, compact, and lightweight
  • It can easily be moved around
  • The polished exterior body makes it attractive


  • Can only sleep 3 persons
  • You will have to always jack up/down the bed when needed

4. Airstream Sport 22FB

There is no way this bunkhouse travel trailer under 5000 lbs would have escaped our list. Airstream Sport 22FB is one of the best bunkhouse travel trailers you would find in the market.

The brand is one of the oldest manufacturers since the 1930s. over the years, they have kept improving and designing highly competitive travel trailers.

The first noticeable feature is the streamlined and polished exterior. It is not just about the exterior, the inside is just as impressive as the outside.

With efficient use of space, this cabin is well designed with a functional bathroom, a room, kitchen space, and a dinette which doubles as a lounging space and further transforms into extra sleeping space.

You can create shady outdoor space, thanks to the retractable awning. Airstream Sport 22FB weighs 4,500 lbs and will conveniently sleep 3 persons.

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  • Packed with features that will make your camping journey worthwhile
  • Airstream curved aluminum design will last for a lifetime
  • Maximum stability and sturdiness
  • Full interior temperature control
  • A large separate room for privacy


  • Sleeps only 3 persons
  • There is no sufficient storage space

5. Forest River R-Pod 193

Forest River R-Pod 193

With sufficient floor space but not at the expense of weight, you would feel fulfilled to have this one in your collection.

If you have a pretty large family, then this is a great option that you should consider looking at. The Forest River features a 60 X 74 Murphy Queen bed that folds into the wall to reveal a couch. There is a 26 X 74 bunk bed mounted in an enclosed room, so you can have privacy.

Forest River R-Pod 193 will sleep 5 persons. We think this is the best capacity you would find for a lightweight travel trailer.

You have got everything all packed to give you comfort and relaxation after the day’s activities.

You’ll find a full bathroom in this bunkhouse, as well as a very functional kitchen and dining set.

With all these in stock, the overall weight is still under 5,000 lbs.


  • Sufficient space for indoor activities
  • It can conveniently sleep 5 persons and even more
  • It is affordable
  • Optimum comfort is guaranteed


  • There is not a noticeable feature worth mentioning

What To Consider When Getting a Bunkhouse Travel Trailer Under 5000 Pounds

So if you want to still check out other options in the market other than the ones we have picked here, you would want to consider the following factor.

1. The size of the travel trailer

Size doesn’t always equal weight. It is possible to get a large trailer with sufficient interior space and yet lightweight. It all depends on what materials it is built with and what features are in stock.

You should agree with yourself if you want a large or a small trailer. Either of them comes with its advantages and disadvantages.

For a small cabin, you would have more travel destinations to explore and also can maneuver your way easily in the woods. On the other hand, a larger unit offers more space for indoor activities and would sleep more people.

2. The capacity of the travel trailer

This is known by how many persons the trailer can sleep. If you have a large team family, you should go for the option that would accommodate the size of your family.

But you must know that the larger the size of your family, the larger the trailer. However, some small units sleep more people than large ones. These units have some features such as convertible dining and couch sets.

Also, double bunk beds would sleep more people without needing more space.

3. Other features

Different bunkhouse travel trailers come with different features. These features are there to give you luxury and comfort. Do yourself a favor by comparing features.

It is almost certain that the more features, the more expensive it will be. But we are sure that you would find one with the features appealing to you within your budget.

You can start by writing a list of the features you would want to see and narrowing down your search based on this.

How To Reduce Your RV Weight

Best Bunkhouse Travel Trailers Under 5,000 Lbs

Recent models of RVs are manufactured with lightweight materials. But if you have one of these old models and not planning to purchase a new one soon, you can always make them lighter than what they currently are.

The following simple ways are hacks you can employ to reduce the weight of your RV.

1. Get used to unwanted exteriors and attachments

You may not know what amount of weight these unused attachments add to your RV until you get them out. Attachments such as bike racks, ladders, kayak racks, etc add much weight.

Typically, anything on your RV that is not being used can be taken off for a while until when they are needed.

2. Replace old wooden furniture and cabinets

Old-model furniture is heavier than recent models, especially sofas or recliners. Replacing furniture in an RV can be one of the most difficult tasks, but it is what makes the major difference in the overall weight.

In case you are wondering about other lightweight alternatives for heavy sofas, convertible futons are a great option.

You can also consider upgrading the old cabinets with lightweight materials.

3. Only pack what is needed for each trip

From packing the clothes to cookware and overall backpacking, it makes sense to come with only what will be needed. Having a checklist will go a long way in helping you cut off a lot of belongings that are not needed for the trip.

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The best bunkhouse travel trailer under 5,000 lbs will give you more site options to visit and explore while making it easy to navigate in the woods.

Do not underestimate the benefits of towing a light RV, and even if you are considering otherwise, you may want to reconsider the numerous advantages it has to offer.

Note that while picking a lightweight travel trailer, you would have to still choose between different sizes. As long as it falls within the weight that your car can tow effortlessly, you should be okay.

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