How Many Acres Are Needed for an RV Park?

How Many Acres Needed for RV Park

Published Date: September 6, 2020

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Are you planning on opening an RV park as a source of extra income? Many people have taken to RVing as a fun and cheaper way of exploring the country – and they usually stay at RV parks instead of having to pay for a hotel.

This makes having an RV park a great and lucrative investment, but like any business, you need to learn the ropes of it.

A lot of things are involved with building and maintaining your own campground, but one of the important ones is knowing how many acres are needed for an RV park. That is precisely what we’ll be talking about here.

How Many Acres Needed For RV Park?

What to Consider Before Opening an RV Park

A good rule of thumb is around 10 campsites per acre, with each campsite providing ample room for one RV, its utility connections, and even a fire ring. However, the required acreage needed for an RV park is determined by a few different things.

The first point of consideration is how many campsites will make you profitable. Another one is the municipality’s permit requirements. Each state and county have a minimum requirement that must be met.

You must be very aware of the municipality’s requirements and ensure to adhere to the requirements and also keep up with the possible changes they may make in the future.

For example, places like Cañon City, in Colorado, have a minimum requirement of 3 acres of land for RV parks in their city limits. In contrast, places like Nye County in Nevada have a maximum requirement of 15 acres.

Also, when thinking of a suitable size for your RV Park, you have to consider large motor homes and fifth wheels as these RVs can be up to 40 feet in length and have multiple slide-outs.

So you have to create a park with enough room between the campsites to accommodate campers of all sizes, lengths, and widths. You want to ensure that your prospective visitors and clients have enough space for their RVs without being too cramped up.

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What to Consider Before Opening an RV Park

how many acres of land is needed for RV park

Now that you already know how many acres of land are needed for an RV park, let’s now look at a few important things to consider before opening an RV park.

Municipal Permits for an RV Park

One of the biggest obstacles to overcome before you can open an RV park is getting the proper permits from the city or county governing board you plan on setting up your park.

Visiting with the zoning board or township supervisor and getting yourself familiarized with the regulations should be one of your first priorities as those departments are the ones to issue your building permits.

You will need to know all the rules and regulations concerning how your park is developed. At your zoning board office, you will be given a very detailed list of requirements that must be met.

Your building plans must also go through the approval process with the municipality before you start building.

Generally, if your RV park is near an urban area, you will have more strict development requirements compared to a rural area. But With a developed business plan that covers all of the rules and regulations, crossing the permitting hurdle can be easier.

Park Model Cabins and Facilities

You might also want to include what is referred to as a park model cabin in your RV park. They are basically camping cabins on wheels that are legally classified as RVs but are stationed permanently in the park.

This allows visitors without RVs of their own or with more family members than their own RV can accommodate to rent them out to experience the RV camping life. Naturally, the cabins require proper cleaning between visitors and also proper maintenance.

This facility in an RV park helps to expand the range of people who can take advantage of a particular RV park. You will also need to build office space, storage areas for equipment, and other facilities for your staff.

Vegetation Reservations

When building your RV park, it is imperative that you preserve as much vegetation as possible in your park and use it as a buffer between parks and facilities. Many people would prefer their parks to not resemble a shopping center parking lot.

You also have to ensure you have everything in place like freshwater pipes, electric wiring, a sewer system, wifi, and even cable TVs. This will allows your guest to have a great camping experience at your RV park.

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Building an RV park might not be a walk in the park (no pun intended), but it is an excellent investment and a fun way to have an extra source of income.

This is especially true if the park is located near a popular tourist site, but always ensure to do your research and know how many acres are needed for an RV park before investing or purchasing any land.

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