How to Boost Your RV Antenna Signal

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Published Date: May 25, 2022

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While you’re on a trip in your RV, you will find that the further you go, the weaker the antenna signal gets. You do not need to be satisfied with a weak signal. There are ways to get a stronger signal while on an RV vacation.

There are many remedies you can use to have a strong signal no matter where you are and where you go. In this article, we will take a look at different signal boosters you can use so you can still watch your favorite shows.

Read on and see how you can increase the signal strength of your RV antenna without breaking your budget.

How To Boost Your Signal

You can use several methods to boost your antenna signal, ranging from easy manual adjustments to more advanced methods. Some of these methods can be done without cost in a few seconds, while others will be more difficult and may cost money.

Adjust The Antenna

Adjusting the antenna on your RV can be an easy start to getting more channels and a much stronger signal. These adjustments can include turning the antenna to face the right direction of the strongest broadcast signal.

Another way is to raise the antenna on your RV to have a much clearer signal but not all RV antennas can be raised. In most RVs, you can simply extend the antenna to be higher by turning the crank located on the ceiling.

You can turn the antenna with the same crank provided for raising or lowering it. Just be careful not to turn too far. It would be best to turn your RV’s directional antenna in the right direction for the strongest signal where the broadcast is coming from.

If you cannot raise your RV antenna further, you can add a longer antenna pole so it will be a bit higher. Just remember that if you raise the antenna, you also need to add a longer coaxial cable, so it is still connected.

You should also check your antenna cable regularly to make sure it is not broken and losing a signal there.

Replace the Antenna

If you did everything you could with the adjustment of your TV antenna and nothing works, you should consider buying a more robust antenna. Talk to other campers with RVs to see what types of antennas they use for better antenna reception.

You will find that most of them use the same type, and then you can get yourself the same type they use. Most RVs that leave the factory comes with a Winegard Sensar antenna, which is the best place to start your upgrade.

You will find that they do not always install the best antenna at the factories, so it is up to you. Do some research before you buy a better one for your RV to be sure you have the best product.

Replacing the antenna on your RV is not difficult. You just need to remove the cable from your TV and put in the new one. You can either replace the whole setup, including the mounting option, or add the head part and keep your existing mounting.

There is a wide range of different antennas on the market available for you with many great features. Some more modern antennas have an automatic scanning and rotating feature to provide you with the optimum receiving option.

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Use a Signal Amplifier

First, make sure that the signal booster installed just behind the main TV in your RV is turned on. The green LED light on the signal amplifier should be lit when you use your antenna to indicate that it is on.

If you do not have a signal booster in your RV, you need to install one to get a stronger signal. Signal boosters for RVs are available in many configurations, while the price range between different brands and models may differ.

A signal booster should be standard in all RVs because you never know when you are roaming too far from the dish network or broadcasting signal. A signal booster will help boost the signal and improve the number of broadcast channels you can receive.

If your signal booster works and your signal reception is still low, you need to get a stronger signal booster. This also works for cell signals where a cell phone signal booster will improve the range of reception on your cell phone.

Phone signal booster kits are available for RV owners to help improve signal quality and improve weak cell signals. If you are watching digital channels on your RV TV, you need to have an HD signal amplifier for that.

Replacing the booster is also a simple task and can be done in a few minutes by removing the cable from the booster. Remove the booster from where it is mounted and attach the new one in its place after adding the cable at the correct positions.

Other Options

You can simply get rid of the analog signal antenna and opt for a digital satellite TV service or a streaming service. This means you can use a dish on your RV instead of the standard RV antenna setup.

One of the significant advantages of satellite TV is that it will work even when phone services do not work. Very affordable packages are available and you can even decide whether you want a more affordable dish or want to go for a more expensive type.

Simple models are available to set up manually, or you can opt for a more sophisticated automatic system. These highly advanced automatic systems will even allow you to watch TV while driving on the road.

These are great systems that will help keep passengers occupied and leave the driver to focus on the essential things. These systems also have their weaknesses, such as signals blocked by trees and other obstacles.


It is essential to do your homework to improve the signal for your antenna, as a simple solution might be the answer. Hopefully, this will help to improve your experience and help you have more fun while on an RV camping trip.

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