Recommended Gear

At Camper Front, we recognize the importance of using proper camping and RV gear. Quality gear can be one of the many things that makes a good trip great. After tackling many camping trips over the years, we’ve come up with a comprehensive list of camper essentials we believe every outdoor lover should have in their inventory.

The first must-have on our list is a solid RV awning. Any awning can look cute and provide shade, but only the best can truly protect you and your motorhome from harmful UV rays. One awning we recommend is the ShadePro Premium Grade RV Awning. Made from high-quality vinyl, you can count on the ShadePro for the best protection from the elements. Check out our list of the top five RV awnings on the market here.

The next camper essential is a dependable RV thermostat. If you’re planning to spend hours inside your camper during a cross-country roadtrip, you’ll need a reliable heating and cooling system to make your trip the most comfortable it can be. The Coleman RV Camper Manual Mach Thermostat is a good, affordable option that offers heating and cooling. Check out our list of the top five RV thermostats for sale here.

While the next camping must-have on our list may not be very glamorous, it’s essential for comfortable travels: a proper sewer hose. A high-quality RV sewer hose is worth the investment as it helps you avoid malfunctions mid-cleanout and guarantees smooth dumping. One hose we recommend is the Thetford 17854 Titan 10 Foot RV Sewer Hose Extension. This hose is puncture-resistant, offers plenty of length, and will last you several years. Check out our list of the top five RV sewer hoses on the market here.

Our last RV camping essential is a trustworthy door lock. While sleeping overnight in your RV is one of its many benefits, it can also be dangerous without the right equipment to keep you safe. A lock we’ve reviewed and approved is the MKING RV Lock. This lock is durable and weather-resistant and its double-lock tongue mechanism protects against any break-ins. Check out our list of the top five RV locks on the market here.

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