What Can I Run With A 5000 Watt Generator?

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Published Date: September 6, 2020

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A 5000 watt generator is an immensely powerful generator that can easily power all your household items and even construction tools.

If you experience an extended power outage or going on a camping trip, and you are wondering, what can I run with a 5000 watt generator?

Well, a 5000 watts generator is guaranteed to power up almost all recreational appliances like a 15,000 BTU RV air conditioner, an electric grill, a cooker, a heater, a satellite receiver, fans, and DVD player, and an LCD can all be run by a 5000 watts generator.

It also has enough power to run medium-sized construction tools like grinders, hammers, air compressors, and drills.

What Can I Run With A 5000 Watt Generator?

What Can I Run With A 5000 Watt Generator

In order to be able to determine how many of your appliances you can use at once with your 5,000 watts generator, you need to know the power requirements of each one.

This is usually found on the specification label on the appliance’s power cord. One thing to note is that every appliance has what is called starting and running watts; let’s get more into details to enable you to understand it more.

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Starting watts

This is the wattage needed to get a device running and continue working over a period of time in order to create enough momentum required by a device to keep running.

A generator can provide this wattage for a short period of time in a brief surge, which is why the starting watts are also known as “surge watts” or “peak watts.”

Running watts

This is the wattage needed to keep a device running, and keep it working overtime continuously to maintain its momentum and prevent it from falling. A generator can provide this wattage continuously.

Here are some common appliances you can run with a 5000 watt generator

Let’s say you are out camping with your RV, you would be able to power your entire kitchen appliances, light a small air conditioner, and even a heater if needed, and you might even have some power left to charge your phone or laptop.

With a 5000 watt generator, you don’t have to ration or balance your appliances; you can run them all.

On a construction site, you can use a 5000 watt generator to power portable electrical tools. You can run a circular saw with starting watts of 2300 and running watts of 1400; you can also power a 1/2 horsepower air compressor, which has starting watts of 1,600 and running watts of 1,000.

You can also power a table saw with 4500 starting watts and 1,800 running watts. You can run an electric drill that uses up only 600 watts of power, and a bench grinder with 2500 surge watts and 1400 running watts.

One thing to keep in mind is that if you plan on using multiple power tools at the same time, you might run up against the surge power limitations of your generator. But this isn’t a deal-breaker as you can run pneumatic tools off a generator-powered air compressor.

For an average household, there’s a long list of things a 5000 watts generator can power; you can run a window air conditioner with an 1800 watts of surge power and 1200 watts of running power. You can also run a sump pump and a well pump with 800 running watts and 1000 running watts, respectively.

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Devices that a 5000 Watt Generator Can Power

With a 5000 watt generator, the list is basically endless; here’s a comprehensive list of different appliances and their watts power so you can make an informed decision and use your generator accordingly.

Household Devices

household items

Construction Tools That Can Be Powered By a 5000 Watt Generator

construction tools that can be powered by a 5000 watt generator

Industrial Motors

industrial motors that can be powered by a 5000 watt generator

Farm Equipment That Can be Powered by a 5000 Watt Generator

farm equipments that can be powered by a 5000 watt generator

Air Compressors and Computers

air compressors and computers that can be powered by a 5000 watt generator

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A 5000 watt generator is a very powerful device that can handle most of your power needs. If you are asking yourself What can I run on a 5000 watt generator, hopefully, this article has given a precise answer to that question, and you will be able to enjoy your 5000 watts generator to the fullest.

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