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Published Date: July 27, 2022

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Times come when you want to get into your RV and drive to new grounds to unwind and refresh your minds. During such times, it would be wise to have an RV navigator ready to allow you to go through unfamiliar routes to your new destination. 

So, how do you know which navigator is the best for your RV? This article will review some of the best GPS for RV use in the market to guide you as you buy your RV navigator. Read through to get a grasp of what makes the best GPS.

Best GPS for RV Reviews

Garmin RV 780 GPS Navigator

  • Hands-free operation
  • High-resolution display
  • Customizable user interface
  • Social amenities directory
  • Poor integration with height limits
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02/18/2024 02:19 am GMT

Among the best GPS for RV use by Garmin is the RV 780. The navigator features a high-resolution user-friendly interface and voice-enabled features. These features allow you to have a smooth navigating experience while maintaining road safety.


The Garmin RV 780 GPS comes in a 6.95″ edge-to-edge high-resolution display that not only gives a clear presentation of important information with a glance but also contributes to road safety. Also, it has a customization feature that allows you to tailor routes according to the size and weight of your RV. 

What is more, this GPS for RV use allows you to navigate through traffic. It comes with an inbuilt traffic monitor, which gives real-time traffic updates and estimated arrival times. This feature is a saver, especially when you are in a hurry; it gives you an option for re-routing to the road with the least traffic. In addition, you can get accurate real-time traffic by installing the Garmin drive app.

You will also love the driving aids that warn you of approaching a sharp curve or steep grade. Secondly, it reminds you to turn off propane or red lights where the road regulation requires you. Finally, if you are a truck driver, the GPS will warn you of the weight limits ahead, allowing you to re-route where necessary.

It also has a hands-free feature that ensures you keep your hands on the wheel throughout the trip. In addition, it allows you to pair it with your compatible smartphone for hands-free calling, smart notifications, and voice-activated navigation.

As you take that long drive, you want to know the best places where you can park, eat, or refill your gas. The RV 780 navigator comes with a directory of camping grounds, services, and parking lots, which you can refine to suit your price and service requirements. This feature is a winner, especially on a long road trip. You can estimate how far it is before you get gas or food, which allows you to plan well to ensure you have enough supplies until you can replenish them again.

However, the RV routes suggested by this navigator are unreliable due to the height factor. It has a poor integration with the height limits and sometimes suggests roads with lower height limits than your RV’s.

Rand McNally OverDryve 7 RV GPS

  • Planning and managing trips
  • Internet browsing ability
  • Voice-enabled feature
  • Police report feature
  • User unfriendly interface
  • Requires a micro-card for smooth operation
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Another of its kind is the Rand McNally GPS. It comes with the Trip Maker app, which allows you to plan and manage your trip. If you are a traveler who loves planning your stopping and resting points ahead of your trip, then this GPS for RV owners is ideal.


It features cutting-edge technology that combines a computer tablet with trusted McNally Navigation software. In addition, the GPS comes with voice-enabled features that allow you to make a call or access Google Maps with your hands on the steering wheel. Voice control contributes to road safety adding to the selling points of the OverDryve GPS.

McNally navigation software alerts you to weight limits, height limits, and other road limitations, allowing you to re-route to roads suitable for RVs. In addition, it gives you valuable information on gas points and gas prices, RV parking, and drive-ins along different routes. Also, in case of a road accident or an object on the road, you can alert the police using the report feature.

What is also unique about this RV GPS is the Trip Maker app which allows you to plan and manage your trip. The app will enable you to upload all your trip details, including stops, routes, addresses, weigh points, GPS coordinates, and locations. In addition, your trip details are available on the navigator once you are signed in to an internet connection. This plan-ahead app can confidently maneuver through unfamiliar roads to your destination.

Overdrive GPS is technically a tablet; thus, it can browse through the internet. For example, you can stream music on Spotify or iTunes, listen to a podcast or tune in to the news. Also, you can use Google to access addresses and routes unavailable in Rand’s software database. Moreover, you can create a directory of scenic views with the in-built dash camera. 

A factor you should consider when purchasing this navigator is that it requires a 32 GB memory card for the navigation software to update smoothly without the system rebooting. Unfortunately, the navigator does not come with a micro-card, so you will have to spend extra to purchase it.

Also, the user interface is unfriendly; it is hard to program and it will take a long time before you get to the settings, which is necessary if you want to take the right route.

TomTom Trucker 620 6-Inch GPS

  • Regular and quick map updates
  • RV stopping points directory
  • Customizable route settings
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Lack of height limit alerts
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02/18/2024 03:29 am GMT

A reliable navigator is one that operates on real-time data. Therefore, you want a regularly updated GPS to give you dedicated routes, traffic information, and service points. This TomTom navigator features inbuilt Wi-Fi for quick and regular updates and is thus suitable for you if you are looking for high accuracy.


This GPS features real-time USA and Canada maps navigation made for large trucks and RVs to ensure they take the right routes. The TomTom GPS filters routes based on the type of cargo, size of the vehicle, weight, and speed limit. This important feature allows you to re-route to avoid dead ends.

Also, the navigator allows you to outsmart traffic through Bluetooth-enabled traffic that gives you real-time updates on traffic. As a result, you can identify routes with less traffic and less arrival time. Also, it allows you to re-route where there is a traffic event.

Like any other good navigator, it has a directory of large vehicle stopping points that brings you details of a thousand fuel points, parking points, and service centers. This way, you can plan when to refuel, refresh, and service your vehicle. In addition, the navigator comes with inbuilt Wi-Fi for regular map updates, which allows you to access real-time maps and service points at no extra cost.

Another selling point of this TomTom navigator is the 6” touchscreen user interface. With just a click, the interface displays all the driving instructions on a bright screen that is readable even in the sunlight. In addition, the navigator comes with a unique magnetic mount that allows you to mount it in a position you can easily click as you drive.

While driving, you want to ensure that your hands are always on the wheel for enhanced road safety, and for this, TomTom has created a feature that allows you to pair your phone with the navigator. The feature not only allows you to have a hands-free call but also has smart message features that read your incoming texts aloud.

However, even with the customized setting, this navigator can lead you to routes with low bridges that your RV cannot go through. In addition, the navigator has poor integration with height limits, and even with regular updates, it will not warn you of approaching restrictions.

Iotwe Car Truck GPS Navigation System

  • Free lifetime map updates
  • User intuitive interface
  • Voice broadcast function
  • High-performance features for quick updates
  • Maximum height setting of 4.3 meters
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

The GPS for RV owners features a high-resolution display that comes with a sensitive touch screen. You have all the information you need with a touch and a glance.


You will love this GPS for RV use right from purchasing point; not only does it come with the latest 2022 map, but it also comes with a free lifetime map update. That means whenever you need to update your map, you can contact Iotwe and they will update it at no extra cost.

Another good thing about this GPS for RV use is the user-friendly interface. It features a 9″ touchscreen high-resolution display that allows the driver to see information at a glance. In addition, the screen is highly sensitive, which makes it quick and easy to control. Also, the interface allows you to set the distance in a unit you are conversant with; you can select kilometers or miles.

With the professional GPS for RV navigator, you can refine the route options to your RV size and weight. The customizing features allow you to avoid routes with width, height, or weight restrictions. Also, it has fast and accurate GPS tracking, allowing you to easily identify a point and how far you are from it.

Another selling point for this navigator is the performance upgrade with the in-built 8GB Rom, 256MB Ram, and 32g extended memory, allowing you to store large maps comfortably. In addition, the 8GB Rom allows your GPS for RV owners to do quick map updates without system glitches. 

The Iotwe GPS also comes with a voice broadcast function that gives you road alerts and informs you on the right course of action to take. For example, the broadcast will tell you when you are speeding; it will remind you of any speed limits, your driving speed, and if you are speeding. It will also alert you of approaching traffic lights, so you can plan to slow down where necessary.

One thing you should be aware of before purchasing this GPS for RV use is that it accommodates a maximum height of 4.3 meters when customizing the settings. So, if your RV is higher than this, you will be unable to customize the routes to your RV’s height.

Garmin RV 1095 GPS Navigator

  • User-intuitive interface
  • Custom RV routing
  • Road warnings alert
  • Built-in Wi-Fi for real-time updates
  • Custom routing limited to some areas
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
02/18/2024 03:57 am GMT

Another RV GPS that rates the best is the Garmin RV 1090. This navigator features a large display that allows you to read important information easily as you drive. In addition, it comes with a voice-enabled feature for hands-free operation.


The Garmin RV 1090 comes in a 10” high-resolution touchscreen display that is very clear and allows an RV driver to spot relevant information at a glance. Also, the interface has voice-enabled features which enable you to control the navigator with your voice. In addition, Bluetooth technology allows you to pair the GPS for RV owners with your smartphone for hands-free calling. These hands-free operations ensure that you concentrate on the road to avoid accidents.

Another feature of this GPS for RV owners is the built-in Wi-Fi for quick and regular updates. This means you are working with real-time information every time you use this navigator. For example, this navigator will update you in case of new service points or resting points. In addition, you will get real-time traffic information that gives you the option for re-routing where necessary.

This GPS for RV owners has a drive smarter feature that alerts you of the road warnings ahead. For example, it will alert you when approaching steep grades, sharp curves, weight limits, or a school area. These warnings are savers, especially when driving on new, unfamiliar routes.

As an RV driver, you want to know parks and service points ahead of you, so you can plan well. This RV navigator does not fail in this aspect as it has a directory of RV parks and service points along each route you take.

Adding to the advantages of Garmin 1090 GPS are the custom routing features. For example, it has a setting feature that tailors a route based on your RV size and weight. Thus, you can take the roads that accommodate your RV.

However, you should note that custom routing is not available in all areas. The customization depends on the route’s information available in the navigator’s database.


The friendly user interface, custom routing, driving aids, and real-time updates are some of the main features that make the best RV navigators. Our favorite would be the RV 1090 by Garmin. It has one of the largest displays and real-time updates, making it reliable, especially when trying to outsmart traffic.

However, you should note a navigator is only best if it serves your particular needs. We hope this review of GPS for RV use will help you select a navigator that is ideal for you.

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