How To Carry A Canoe On A Motorhome

How Do You Carry A Canoe On A Motorhome?

If the campsite you chose is a watery wonderland, there are higher chances that you would love to go on a canoe trip. But one of the biggest challenges is how do you carry a canoe on a motorhome? Because unlike kayak, canoes are BULKIER, and in most cases, HEAVY – which can be daunting … Read more

What Is RV Antifreeze And Its Benefits

RV Antifreeze: 22 Critical Questions Answered

Frozen pipes are one of the biggest issues for campers whenever winter approaches. So if you’re like most part-time RVers who put their RV into storage during these frigid months, you might want to winterize it first with a quality RV antifreeze. Perhaps those who were ignorant of this advice, have learned it the hard … Read more

How Do You Get Musty Smell Out Of An Old Trailer

How Do You Get Musty Smell Out Of An Old Trailer?

Have you ever walked into your RV after a long vacation, only to be greeted by a musty smell? Well, sometimes, little time away can reveal to us the unpleasant smell in our home, and travel trailers are not exceptional. And you might have ignored it by masking the odor with a welcomingly spiced aroma … Read more

How Do You Get Mold Out Of A Popup Camper

How Do You Get Mold Out Of A Popup Camper?

The time is ripe to experience yet another wonderful holiday; you can’t wait to hop in the camper and head to your favorite park. But as soon as you expand the pop-up camper, you suddenly found molds throwing a party in and out of the trailer. Why is this, and how do you get mold … Read more

How Do You Waterproof A Canvas On A Popup Camper

How Do You Waterproof A Canvas On A Popup Camper?

Camping comes with a great deal of pleasure until the clouds start weeping bitterly and wreck all the fun. And since the pop-up camper’s canvas is malleable and soft, stormy rains can likely pierce through. A brand new model might not falter in the face of such furious weather condition, but not so much for … Read more

Are Pop Up Campers Safe From Bears

Are Pop Up Campers Safe From Bears? 

Camping feels amazing, isn’t it? Yeah, I’ve been there before. It’s like you’re living the best moments of your lives. But while mother nature embraces you with her warmth, you’ll also get a taste of her wild side. And there is one potential danger that grips the minds of most who sleep in the woods … Read more

Keeping a Camper Warm during the Winter period

How to Keep a Camper Warm in the Winter

Winter might not be the most favorable time to go on a road trip. Still, camping during winter could be a great way to experience various outdoor recreational activities like snowshoeing and skiing. While that might seem fun, it can get really cold when your RV has no electricity to turn on the heater, which … Read more