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Whether you’re a fan of quick weekend getaways or life on the road, there’s an RV design for everyone. Motorized vehicles are great for extended or frequent trips, while trailers and popouts are perfect for small groups and easy travel. You can enjoy all the benefits of relaxing outdoors—without compromising on basic comforts and amenities. Here’s more about the types of motorized and towable RVs on the market today:

Motorized RVs: Class A, B, & C

Equipped with residential appliances and comfortable furniture, Class A motorhomes are the ultimate luxury vehicle. These models are typically favored by avid RV enthusiasts, as they are a higher, more long-term investment than basic trailers. Class A RVs come in diesel and gas models, with the former providing a more powerful torque via a rear-installed engine. A class A RV will give you and your family a smooth, relaxing ride as you travel between destinations.  On a smaller scale, class B vans are ideal for adventurous couples or individuals. These models are similarly equipped with amenities like toilets, sinks, and beds, but with compact or convertible designs. (i.e. a fold-out couch) About half the length of a full-sized class A RV, camper vans provide a cozy, easily navigable alternative for life on the road. Class C motorhomes are typically built to fit a truck chassis. The over-cab profile allows for additional sleeping or storage space while still keeping with the minimal design. With convertible kitchenettes and slide-out sleeping areas, class C’s are certainly a step up from tent camping, perfect for weekend getaways or small groups of campers.

Towable RVs: Fifth-wheels, Toy Haulers, Pop-ups, & More!

Fifth-wheels are the largest type of towable camper, usually pulled by a heavy-duty pick-up truck. Attached to a truck bed hitch, these RVs have a raised bedding section in the front and extended rooms in the back. Some fifth-wheels can have as many as six slideouts, making them a fantastic choice for traveling families or large groups of friends.  Toy haulers, nicknamed after their design for hauling outdoor recreational equipment, can easily accommodate you and your gear. The heavy-duty doors double as ramps for your equipment; haul your four-wheelers, kayaks, snowmobiles, and more, all while traveling comfortably on the road! Pop-ups and conventional travel trailers are popular for simple weekend camping or short getaways. These can vary widely in size but are generally easier to attach to the hitch than fifth-wheels. These units extend into sleeping and seating areas, often with mesh windows or light convertible frames. You can enjoy traveling with the comfort of residential amenities without compromising on the ease of a compact RV trailer.

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