Camper Van vs RV: Which Is Better for My Upcoming Trip?

camper van vs rv

Published Date: January 3, 2022

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Knowing which to choose between a camper van vs RV means you can get on the road with a vehicle you can trust.

That said, both options differ considerably from each other and can give you different experiences while away from home.

Let’s explore the most important things that make camper vans and RVs unique to help you find the best option.

What Are Camper Vans?

Camper van is a unique term because it’s typically used to describe two different types of abodes for travel.

Firstly, you have a standard camper van, which is essentially a smaller-sized RV with fewer amenities and can be driven independently.

They are typically slightly larger than a regular family-sized vehicle but still offer plenty of livable space. 

Another vehicle often referred to as a camper van is a travel trailer that you hitch to the back of your regular car.

With similar benefits to an RV, a travel trailer is often preferred because they have better gas mileage and can be attached and detached to a vehicle.

You’ll find that both types of camper vans have many of the same benefits and disadvantages.

The Pros of Camper Vans

Let’s explore some of the most distinct advantages of a camper van or a travel trailer.


One of the most considerable benefits of camper vans is that they often offer more accessibility for a camping trip than RVs.

Not only will you feel more comfortable driving a smaller vehicle, but they can also camp in tighter spots.

Another massive feature of accessibility is the potential for visiting popular sites during your camping trip.

With an RV, you’d have to maneuver a large vehicle down small-town streets or busy city intersections.

On the other hand, camper vans are slightly larger than a standard family van, making them easier to drive around town than most RVs.

This benefit helps you save money on renting a vehicle or taxi rides to and from popular locations.

Easy to Drive

Another massive benefit of camper vans is how easy they are to drive.

If you’ve been on an RV trip in the past, typically, one person is responsible for the driving.

With a van, you and your passenger can easily switch and take turns driving.

There’s a peace of mind that comes with operating a livable moving vehicle that’s just as straightforward to drive as a regular car.

By the end of your trip, you’ll feel more rested than if only one person felt comfortable driving the RV.

Also, stealth camping has never been simpler than with a small campervan.

Efficient Temperature Controls

Undoubtedly, you’re going to want to customize the comfort of your space by using heating and cooling.

In a van, you’ll find that your area will reach the ideal temperature considerably faster than in an RV.

With the limited living space in camper van, you can also save an exceptional amount of power and gas while keeping the temperature controlled.

This benefit is particularly notable for winter campers, as you can maintain more heat in a camper van.

With the added efficiency, you’ll spend much less on gas, which is the next benefit to consider.

Fuel Efficiency

At the end of the day, the smaller size of a camper van makes it such an attractive option for campers.

When it comes to fuel efficiency, gas costs half of what you would typically put into an RV.

A fuel-efficient van can help you expand your budget for more sightseeing opportunities and other luxuries.

Fewer Maintenance Costs

Over time, there’s no doubt that your camper van is bound to run into some issues, as would any car.

The more miles you put on it, the more wear and tear its components will experience, such as the wheels and axles.

When you’re in a camper van, you’ll find repair costs are much, much lower than that of an RV.

In fact, even getting repairs for a camper van can be significantly easier than with an RV.

A regular mechanic can repair anything wrong with your van. Whereas with RVs, you may have to search for a specialist while on the road.

That said, it’s still a good idea to invest in RV insurance not only for your protection but the vehicle’s as well.

This point is especially important if you are taking an extended trip.

Regardless of the types of trailers you own, insurance is a must-have to avoid high maintenance costs.

difference between camper van vs rv

What Are RVs?

There’s no doubt that recreational vehicles are popular for various reasons.

Not only do they give your family tons of livable space, but they also transform an ordinary road trip into a luxury.

RVs are typically larger than camper vans, with some people living in them throughout the year.

The best way to understand the uniqueness of RVs is to consider them as if they were homes on wheels.

You’ll have access to the same luxuries you have in a house but in a convenient package that you can take anywhere.

Instead of opting for traditional camping, you can bring everything you need with you.

The Pros of RVs

Although there are dozens of benefits to camper vans, RVs have an assortment of fantastic benefits to consider.

Let’s dive into some of the most remarkable things these larger vehicles have compared to camper vans.

Luxurious Living

There’s no doubt that RVs are by far the luxurious standard for travelers who want a comfortable experience.

This point is particularly true for modern designs, as they often include dishwashers, laundry machines, full showers, and more.

Depending on what you think you’ll need for your trips, an RV can have an endless number of luxuries.

Some models have extensions that allow you to double your livable space for around 2-6 people.

Others boast queen-size beds, full living spaces, and even complete kitchen facilities.

In a nutshell, you’ll never feel like you’re unprepared in an RV compared to camper vans.

Incredible Space

For as challenging as an RV can be to drive, especially larger models, it can be well worth the stress.

The amount of livable space you have inside these vehicles is exceptional compared to camper vans.

As mentioned, many come with bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, and a separate module for driving.

You’ll easily be able to travel with a family of three or more without feeling like you’re living on top of each other.

Also, if you invest in a luxury RV with expandable sides, you’ll have even more space to use.

They are the perfect option for families with pets and children as well, offering plenty of indoor play space when parked.

Plenty of Storage

The additional storage space in an RV is another massive benefit if you know you need plenty of usable storage for camping equipment.

Whether you’re going on a long-distance shopping trip or simply overpack for your journeys, this feature is helpful.

You’ll have more than enough space for your essentials as well as any extras you pick up along the way.

RVs often come with storage under your living space and plenty of spots to keep your gear inside the vehicle.

Many also boast full-size kitchen and bathroom cabinets, helping you bring your luxuries on the road.

Although overpacking can be a hassle with an RV, you can guarantee you will never run out of things you need.

Cost-Effective Travel

Using an RV for your campervan trip might be more expensive than alternative camper vehicle options. Even so, it’s much cheaper than flying.

Considering you’ll have all of the modern luxuries of a hotel in the comfort of your vehicle, it’s an upgraded form of travel.

You’ll be able to save on hotel costs and flights, making gas a considerably easy thing to budget for. 

The areas you can explore in an RV are exceptional, even as it’s a cumbersome vehicle to drive.

For instance, you can stay at national parks and different campgrounds around the nation.

Some places even allow RVs to camp on the beach, letting you wake up to the ocean every morning.


There’s no doubt that having a reliable vehicle to use when on a long-distance trip is of the utmost importance.

You’ll want a vehicle that’s designed explicitly for miles-long excursions.

RVs have been around for many years and have experienced numerous upgrades over time.

They’re designed to withstand plenty of wear and tear and, in most instances, are more resilient than camper vans.

Although they can be costly to repair, you’re less likely to encounter serious issues while on the road.

Peace of mind comes with using a big RV compared to a smaller-sized camper van.

Camper Van vs RV: Which Is the Better Option?

Deciding between a camper van and an RV has everything to do with the type of trip you want to experience.

If you’re looking for something quick and efficient with fewer bells and whistles, camper vans are ideal.

In comparison, RVs allow you to experience the comforts of home, albeit in a larger package.

It’s also important to note your budget, as camper vans are often regarded as a less expensive option.

However, if you know you’re going to want modern luxuries, such as regular showers, camper vans aren’t the best.

You may find yourself paying for hotel rooms along the way to keep up with your basic needs.

It can be beneficial to list expectations for your upcoming trip to decide between the two.

You may be surprised by the vehicle that will best suit your family’s needs.

Weigh Your Options Carefully

There’s plenty to consider when deciding between a camper van vs RV.

As homes on wheels, RVs are prepared to take on any challenges the road may offer.

Also, they have plenty of comforts that vans simply cannot provide, making them a top-tier option for most people.

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