How Much Does a Popup Camper Cost?

what is the cost of a pop up camper

Published Date: August 13, 2020

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How much does a popup camper cost? Can you guess? I bet you can’t, which is why you’re here in the first place – and we’re going to answer that shortly.

A popup camper is a great way to spice up your camping experience as you could do everything you could with tent camping but with modern facilities, how cool is that?

Now, the average cost of a popup camper varies greatly, depending on its features and model. But they cost relatively cheaper than other forms of RVs.

A new model popup camper will cost anywhere around $9,000 for low ends with lesser features, while large high-end models with features like shower and toilets can cost up to $20,000, used models, on the other hand, ranges around $3,000 to $18,000.

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How Much Does a Popup Camper Cost?

As stated earlier, popup campers all have different prices according to their models, features, or if they are new or used. Here are examples of new and used model prices of popup campers:

  • A new model of 2020 Forest River Rockwood Hardside costs $16,290
  • A used model of 2018 Forest River Rockwood Hardside costs $14,89

This pop-up camper model gives you all the basic amenities from kitchenette, two twin-sized beds that can turn into a king-sized bed, dinette, and a wet bathroom- bathroom and toilet. This camper is so worth its cost.

  • A new model of Sylvansport Go Camping Trailer — starts at $10,995 for a 2020 model.
  • A used model of Sylvansport Go Camping Trailer — starts at $5,500 for a 2013 model.

This camper can contain up to four people but doesn’t come with most amenities due to its small size, but you can use the frame for hauling kayaks and bikes.

It also has an extendable canvas so you can have shade and cover at the campsite. This camper may not have all the fancy features of a camper, but it gives you the mobility and ease of a popup camper.

  • A new model of Opus Pop-Up Camper — starts at $28,000 for a 2020 model.
  • A used model of Opus Pop-Up Camper — starts at $16,900 for a 2017 model.

This camper is built for off-roading and has a two-person model and a four-person model; it has a lot of fancy features with onboard water and slide-out kitchen. Overall this camper is worth every penny.

  • A new model of 21’ Little Guy Max — starts at $29,990 for a 2020 model.
  • A used model of 21’ Little Guy Max — starts at $13,495 for a 2016 model.

This is a smart and lightweight camper with a lot of storage space as well as a kitchenette; it also comes with an entertainment space. This camper is great for solo or couple camping.

Features of a Popup Camper

average cost of a pop up camper

A popup camper basically looks like a large box that is attached to a tow trailer or car, and when you get to your destination, it can be popped open to reveal a canvas or hard wall tent with a high ceiling, and it sometimes pushes out on the sides.

There are some basic amenities you should look out for in a popup camper in order to get the best value for your money. These features are the basic things that will enable you to get the best out of your popup camper.

Depending on the model you go for, a popup camper can hold up to six people and still have some “walkable” this makes it great for family vacations.

Your popup camper should contain necessary basic amenities like a bed, most campers come with queen-sized or twin-sized beds or if you are lucky king-sized beds.

If you go for a basic model, some basic amenities like a bathroom might not be included. And if included, you will have a couple of bathroom options like; a dry bathroom where the shower and toilet are separate or just the toilet, or maybe a wet bathroom where the bathroom and toilet are in one place.

For the kitchen space, it is common for it to be equipped with a stovetop, some cabinetry, mini-fridge, and sink. For expensive models, the kitchenette might include an oven or microwave.

The sides of the kitchen areas are sometimes lined with benches that provide more storage room, and maybe a table that can be pulled down whenever it’s needed.

The popup camper should be able to fold down to enable easy transportation. A popup camper that folds into a relatively small size is very desirable to look at, and it also eases the stress of towing, but be sure to know the weight.

Something that might pose a problem is AC/heat which is usually not included in popup campers, but there are easy ways to solve this, you can opt-in for generators, and you can also use lanterns and flashlights.

And if your camper happens to come with a bathroom, you can just use the campground’s bathroom; problem solved, eh!

Also, your popup camper should not take anymore than 15 minutes to an hour to setup. But if it is your first time setting up a popup camper, expect it to take longer.

However, with frequent use, you will definitely start to get the hang of it.

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Types of Popup Campers

How Much Does a Popup Camper Cost

The most popular type of popup camper is the soft-sided camper, but there are actually four different campers on the market. But most people tend to go for small campers.

So let’s talk about the types of campers, each has its cons and pros, and the best way to know which type you like best is to rent each of them and give them a trial run. This will enable you to experience camping with each of them and decide which one suits you and your family best before making the big purchase.

You may end up liking a canvas tent cover to a hard wall, or you prefer the space a tent trailer offers compared to an A-Frame, and so forth. For types of popup campers we have

Tent trailers

These are the standard type of canvas campers where the sides can be popped out and turned into beds.

High-wall campers

they are similar to standard tent trailers and have hardtops with higher walls. They are made of sturdier and durable materials; hence the hard walls, the downside to this type of camper is that they are harder to tow due to its weight.


this type of popup camper lays flat when being towed or in-store, but when assembled, they lift up and come together in an “A” shape, and this gives you ample headroom space in the middle than the sides.

Teardrop campers

this is the smallest form of popup campers and can fit a maximum of two passengers so its more of a solo camper, it can be towed as it is in its original form, so it does not always “pop up” like the others.

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There is a lot of models of popup campers with different features that, when shopping for one, it is easy to get confused.

Hopefully, in this article, we’ve been able to answer the question: How much does a popup camper cost? This should give you an insight and guide you to make the right choice of a camper.

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