5 Best Small Toy Haulers – Ultimate Guide For Your Next Adventure!

Small Toy Hauler

Published Date: January 13, 2023

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There are a lot of people who would want to go camping in an RV, and many of them fantasize about having a toy hauler because of the spacious rear deck. However, most campers can’t afford the size and expense of a toy hauler RV. With that said, a small toy hauler is a smaller and cheaper option.

You may bring a garage with you on your outdoor activities by using a small toy transporter trailer. ATVs, side-by-sides, golf carts, four-wheelers, bikes, motorbikes, mountain bikes, kayaks, canoes, boats, and more may all be transported in one while also serving as a comfortable home base for a camping trip or a productive workplace. 

Additionally, there are various types, including custom toy haulers, fifth wheels, and motorhome toy haulers.

So we have brought you the top picks for small toy haulers, listed below. Although they each have enough storage, none of these recreational vehicles are longer than 30 feet.

The Top Pick for the Best Small Toy Hauler RVs

  1. inTech Flyer Discover -Best Small Toy Haulers Brand
  2. Forest River No Boundaries NB10.6 – Best Overall
  3. Wolf Pup Toyhauler 18RJB by Forest River – Best Value
  4. Jayco Jay Flight Octane 222 – Best Construction
  5. Rockwood GEO PRO G19 – Top Picks

1. inTech Flyer Discover

inTech Flyer Discover

The inTech Flyer Discover, 18 feet in length, is a little bigger than its little brother, the inTech Flyer Explore.

Most mid-size SUVs and compact trucks can pull the lightweight aluminum trailer. Moreover, the inside is primarily open, allowing you to store toys without restricting the net freight carrying capacity of 2,450 pounds.

Inside the Discover is a full galley kitchen with a huge sink, a two-burner stove, a refrigerator, and storage drawers. And more outdoor equipment may be stored and transported on a roof rack.

Additionally, this trailer is a completely welded aluminum toy transporter with a cage structure designed for off-road use. Even a side-by-side can ride in it with complete confidence.

The Flyer Discover is well-known for its roomy interior with plenty of window lighting and two beds that can accommodate up to six persons, thanks to its tip-out sides. Furthermore, a kitchen with a refrigerator, sink, stove and 8.5 gallons of potable water is located in the front cabin area.


  • Big storage cabinets 
  • Top-notch quality
  • Convenient towing 
  • easy setup and teardown 
  • Panoramic window in the kitchen 


  • Not big enough to live in
  • Not as spacious as other options 

2. Forest River No Boundaries NB10.6

Forest River No Boundaries NB10.6

The No Boundaries NB10.6 from Forest River is one of the smallest toy haulers in its class. And this compact toy trailer is less than 14 feet in length and weighs less than 2,000 pounds, so a standard pickup vehicle can easily pull it.

A flip-out sofa lounger and two side tables round out the minimalist design. Additionally, the trailer can carry up to 1,973 pounds of freight, and its spacious interior is perfect for transporting smaller recreational vehicles.

You may find an additional area to add bedding in a tent on the roof. The NB10.6 compensates for its cramped inside with a sizable awning and a fully functional outdoor kitchen with a pantry, a 12V refrigerator, and a stove.


  • The engine can withstand various kinds of weather
  • Abundant space for storing
  • Premises-based suctioning equipment
  • Vacuum system


  • Inefficient customer care
  • Not easy to get help if anything is defective

3. Wolf Pup Toyhauler 18RJB by Forest River

Wolf Pup Toyhauler 18RJB by Forest River

You can tow an SUV or a half-ton with the Wolf Pup since it is a 7-foot-wide single-axle toy hauler. While this toy hauler is hardly 22 feet long, it packs a serious punch.

It has a ramp entrance that opens onto a patio, a vast outdoor living space with a TV and music system, and pretty much anything else you could want in a camper.

Furthermore, a queen bed and an overhead bunk, a dry restroom with a tub, a fully functional kitchen, a detachable dinette, sufficient storage, and a lot of room for your bikes, kayaks, or other toys might seem like sacrifices when considering the tiny size of this camper. Still, we assure you that you won’t have to make any.

The Wolf Pup is sturdy and long-lasting; its PVC roof has earned an Energy Star rating and is covered by a 15-year guarantee.

More robust than ever, it has a rolled I-beam steel frame and an improved axle system.


  • Comfortable bed/sofa combination layout 
  • Enough space for couples
  • A lightweight toy hauler travel trailer
  • Great outdoor space to hang out 


  • Limited bed space
  • No wiggle room in terms of appliances you can put in this hauler 

4. Jayco Jay Flight Octane 222

Jayco Jay Flight Octane 222

Our biggest toy transporter, the Jay Flight Octane, measures 26 feet in length.

This small toy hauler has more than 13 feet of storage space, a fully equipped kitchen, a dry bathroom, two queen-sized mattresses, a table that converts into an additional bed, and a ramp that converts into a deck.

It has a maximum payload capacity of 2,465 pounds, which includes 53 gallons of water.

It also includes a screen door, many D-rings, an outside shower, a party deck, an electric tongue jack, and an awning.


  • Impressive load capacity
  • A variety of extra features
  • Plenty of storage space


  • Little bathroom
  • No storage space

5. Rockwood GEO PRO G19

Rockwood GEO PRO G19

The Rockwood Geo Pro line by Forest River is, once again, an unstoppable travel trailer toy hauler.

Although its outside length is just 20 feet, the toy hauler’s interior provides plenty of room for you and your playthings.

It features a ramp door opening of 60″ x 68″, a cargo volume of more than 6 feet, and a unique air ride technology designed to make the journey comfortable and protect your precious goods from vibrations.

The air ride technology also has a laughably simple interface for making adjustments.

Rest assured your camper will travel without a hitch, whether towing a couple of lightweight kayaks or filling it to its 1,498-pound limit.

In addition to the conventional solar setup included in every Geo Pro, the Toy Hauler adds a complete bed, dry bathroom, fully functional kitchen, flip-up sofa, and more.

Combine that with the rig’s 31 gallons of fresh water storage, outdoor shower and grill, warming holding tanks, and wifi/antenna booster. I’d venture to say that you couldn’t ask for a better off-grid setup, particularly if you want to bring some toys with a garage space.


  • Adjustable
  • Good value for the Money
  • Enough cargo space
  • Lightweight
  • Outdoor Kitchen


  • Bad customer support

Factors to Look for When Buying a Small Toy Hauler

Keeping a few dimensions in mind is essential when searching for the perfect toy transporter. You should measure the storage space’s length and breadth without considering any existing furniture or built-ins. Take into account the garage door opening height, which is reflected by the ramp door measurements.

Extra Sturdy

Your toy hauler recreational vehicle can go anywhere since it’s built to withstand anything. Improved ground clearance shields the trailer’s undercarriage and makes this feasible.

The axels on the trailer are of a larger capacity as well. And this allows them to withstand the vehicle’s weight when it rolls over and bounces over uneven ground. Look for the gross vehicle weight rating, which refers to the maximum weight capacity.

The trailer’s built-in storage and furnishings are sturdier since they have to withstand knocks, scrapes, and other severe treatment from being taken off the grid.

Storage Space

When loading up your toy transporter, it’s important to remember how the weight will be distributed. The surface must be flat and suitable for towing.

Make sure you stay within the towing capacity of your car by comparing the trailer’s gross weight to its dry weight.

Remember to include the weight of your home’s contents and the cars and other outdoor gear you keep in the garage when determining the toy hauler’s carrying capacity.

Vehicle Layout 

A toy hauler’s storage space in the trailer’s back is essential. You won’t find it in any other motorhome or tent.

Everything you need for comfortable living is right here, including a kitchen, living room, bathroom, and bedroom, just like in any other RV or travel trailer.

Distinctive Design 

A toy hauler can often accommodate up to eight campers with ease. However, producers had to think outside the box regarding furniture and other components to make this a reality.

For instance, the back room where you keep your adult toys might also serve as a spare bedroom or living area.

The trailer may be outfitted with foldable furniture such as sofas, tables, and beds to accommodate guests. Beds that descend from the ceiling when a button is pressed would be a cool new feature.

Think about what the room will look like without the toys and vice versa. Plan the trailer’s layout and floor space around the most crucial tasks you’ll do throughout loading and unloading. There is a need for more room in the cramped living quarters, and bump-outs made of canvas or other lightweight materials are a good solution.

Cargo Carrying Capacity

Knowing your Cargo Carrying Capacity (CCC) and the total weight of everything you want to carry with you (toys included). And this includes food, water, and supplies in addition to the obvious.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

1. Exactly what is the unloaded vehicle weight?

The dry weight of the little toy hauler trailer is the factory-estimated average of the trailer’s dry weight and the wet weight of its contents. Axles, tongues, pins, and LP gas are all included in the overall weight of the little toy transporter trailer. This total weight does not include cargo, water, equipment, or accessories.

2. When compared to a big SUV, why choose a small toy hauler?

The advantages of little toy transporters are many. A trailer that can also serve as a camper means you can bring all your favorite leisure equipment. Many offer conveniences like DC electricity, a sink, a sleeping place, and even a bathroom that make camping much more pleasant.

And the car you currently have in your garage can probably tow it. Most sport utility vehicles and light-duty trucks can tow these little campers.

3. Can a side-by-side be transported in a small toy hauler?

Whether or not a side-by-side can be transported in a tiny toy hauler is determined by the dimensions of the toy hauler, the weight of the side-by-side, and the pulling and hitch weight capability of the tow vehicle.

A small toy hauler is the ideal towing vehicle for those possessing a truck or SUV.

Consider the side-by-size sides and weight while shopping for a toy transporter. Check the RV’s specifications, such as its towing capacity and hitch weight, to ensure they are compatible with your tow vehicle’s capabilities.

4. What are the drawbacks of a small toy hauler? 

There are drawbacks to using a small vehicle to transport toys. Some people only have room for lightweight, compact items like bikes and kayaks. Another disadvantage is that smaller ones often have fewer conveniences than bigger ones.


Each of these compact toy hauler trailers is an excellent way to combine a recreational vehicle with a garage. These little toy transporter trailers are a perfect compromise between the size of larger and smaller options.

Towing recreational toys, driving easily and safely over rough and challenging terrain (such as washed-out or sandy roads), using less petrol and electricity, and fitting into narrow parking spaces are just a few of the many advantages of these compact toy hauler trailers.

The only real drawback is that smaller toy hauler trailers can’t carry as much weight as their bigger counterparts, so they can’t transport very large or heavy toys.

The inTech Flyer Discover is one of the best toy haulers. It’s the best of both worlds, with a configuration that allows you to tow your preferred recreational vehicle while still being versatile enough to accommodate a family or group of campers in any climate. It’s also a breeze to tow to far-flung destinations where you’ll have the time of your life.

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