How to Tow Golf Cart Behind Travel Trailer (The Easiest Way)

can you tow a golf cart behind travel trailer

Published Date: June 15, 2021

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The usage of travel trailers is a recurring theme everywhere around the world today, often used to tow golf carts and other kinds of cars and payloads.

You can tow golf carts behind the travel trailer in several ways, one of which is attaching the trailer to the hitch ball behind the towing vehicle.

This article will look at how to tow golf carts behind travel trailers while also treating the different cases of towing a golf cart.

How to Tow Golf Cart Behind Travel Trailer

How to Tow Golf Cart Behind Travel Trailer

The first step is to connect the trailer to the fastener at the back of your towing truck. After that, it is essential to connect the golf cart to the trailer before you load.

This can be enhanced with the use of safety chains, as this will ensure the security and safety of the golf cart and the trailer.

Once that is done, the next step will be to stretch your rear ramp, which you do once you start loading your golf cart on the trailer.

As soon as you have finished loading the cart, we recommend you use nylon straps or wheel nets to ensure the carts or payloads are well secured.

How to Use Tow Dolly

Tow dollies are getting so renowned every passing day, as they come up with the easiest ways by which a golf cart and any other cars can be loaded onto the travel trailer.

Tow dollies have never ceased to be progressively renowned in situations where multiple carts or other vehicles are required for towing simultaneously.

You can check out the steps that you can follow to achieve success on the above;

  • The tow dolly is connected to the back of the trailer bed. You are expected to tow the carts or vehicles on the dolly ramp. You have no other option available than to ride the dolly so as to secure a firm link between the carts’ front tires and the dolly.
  • It is important to note that the above procedure only applies to towing vehicles that possess front-wheel drives. And while the cart is been pulled, it is likely to result in harm or destruction to the driveshaft and rear differential of the vehicle.
  • For this damage to be prevented, there’s a need to completely remove the driveshaft from underneath the vehicle by losing the driveshaft and differential hub.

Different Situations of Towing Golf Cart behind Travel Trailer

Towing a golf cart doesn’t often occur as easy as it seems. We have several different golf carts with different kinds of features, modes, and geometric aspects.

This can either make it very easy, not so easy, or difficult to be towed behind a travel trailer.

Below are the common models;

1. Golf Cart in Run Mode

Golf carts have undergone speedy technological advancements over the course of time. Modern brands of golf carts carry lots of wonderful features that improve the activities and safety of the carts.

It’s very important to take note of the features that your golf cart comes with. One of these features includes the Run Switch.

Virtually every new model golf cart possesses a run switch, enhancing its ability to minimize manual workforce while providing a continuous smallest degree of energy.

If it eventually happens that you are unaware of this feature yet, you insist on towing the cart in run mode; in that case, your vehicle can be at risk of having problems.

The said tow switches can be easy to use and carries a motor having logic and machine training memory, the same as that of the digital stereo that a car has.

Anytime you turn it on, the controller will help to pull out lesser energy off the motor, even at a time when it is of no use.

Therefore, in run mode, it is easy to make the cart roll without the stress of pushing the cart on top of the trailer bed.

The above near-effortless free license of the roll can be sufficient to tow the cart to the very point where the trailer bed is, without resulting in any kind of inconvenience.

2. Roofed Golf Cart

Most people with golf carts that have a roof on them find it very hard to tow their golf carts and, in certain situations, are seen to be so unwilling because of the dangers involved.

Fill up your cart safely on the trailer bed. After ensuring the security of the cart’s roof to the trailer and towing vehicle, you then have no reason to disturb yourself or be afraid of any kind of destruction that your cart may undergo.

It is equally important to closely watch the speed levels; the reason is that driving needlessly fast when there’s a trailer connected to your vehicle can be, in any case, dangerous.

3. Multiple Golf Carts/Golf Cart Plus a Car

The towing steps we have talked about in this article are applicable, not just to the towing of golf carts but also to towing other vehicles. The procedures in the two situations, more or less, are always similar.

Nevertheless, in certain conditions, you’re likely to experience towing a car and golf cart at once and simultaneously.

Prior to this occurrence, you should take proper note of the loads which both vehicles carry while equally selecting the trailer bed, as it should be.

Ensure it has the capacity to support the required weight. When you’re done acquiring the kind of trailer appropriate for your task, you can now be free to activate the method highlighted in the aforementioned article.

It’s either you use a simple trailer ramp to fill up your vehicles one after another or make use of a tow dolly.

4. Golf Cart Featuring Windshield

An expert will always advise you to be wary of towing your golf cart behind a truck or travel trailer facing backward.

This is to secure the windshield of your golf cart from a sudden break, thus, resulting in the damage of your cart, car, or persons on the way.

Golf cart windshields possess a Snap-On feature. It means they are fixed by pushing the windshield into the C-shaped channels at the front of the cart.

This enables these shields to withstand any force that comes from the front area of the cart but is prone to any sort of pressure that can come from behind.

Therefore, we advise you to either take off the windshield entirely whenever you’re transporting your cart or never fill it up in the backward direction.

5. Towing a Golf Cart at the Rear Side of an RV or a Camper

There are situations in which you may experience having to tow your golf cart at the back of a camper or an RV vehicle.

Whenever such situations occur, we advise you to make use of any of the steps below, based on their feasibility;

  • Flatbed or enclosed trailer usage: These kinds of travel trailers are big, as well as secured, added to the fact that it has enough room for various types of payloads, your golf cart inclusive.
  • Tow bar usage: This one is very useful, especially when it has to do with effortlessly getting the golf cart to the top of your camper or RV. Tow bars have security chains, cables, and in several situations, supplementary brakes to enable perfect security of the cart and vehicle when you’re driving.
  • Tow dolly usage: This method of use is almost identical to the other procedures we have formerly highlighted in this article. Nevertheless, it is important for you to always take note of the dangers that could occur due to its usage. A tow dolly is capable of damaging your vehicle and rear transmission-differential assembly of the golf cart if not properly fixed.


Towing a golf cart behind a travel trailer is a very challenging task, and any error or minor fault could cause damage to your golf cart or vehicle.

That is the more reason you should stick to the above procedures we have highlighted above to ensure a greater chance of its safety and security.

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