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Published Date: May 25, 2022

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While camping is a great outdoor activity, there are things you don’t need to give up on, and one of them is watching your favorite shows. To do that while out on an RV trip, you need to have the best RV TV antenna for clear reception.

With so many great RV antennas to choose from, it has become challenging to make the right choice. We made a list of the best of them, so you do not need to spend time looking for one.

So read on and find out which of these very popular RV TV antennas will give you the strongest signal so you can make the best purchasing decision based on your preferences, budget, and needs. Let’s get right to it!

Best RV TV Antenna Reviews

KING OA8500 Jack HDTV Directional Antenna

  • You have two colors to choose from
  • Easy to install and set this antenna up
  • Made with durable materials
  • Great features added to improve signal reception
  • Must buy the mounting plate separately
  • Not the best warranty
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02/18/2024 01:21 am GMT

The versatile RV antenna from King is available in black or white with different configurations, so it can easily fit in with your RV. It is also designed to provide you with improved aesthetic value and great functionality with many built-in features.


The compact and aerodynamic design and construction of this HD TV antenna make it easy to fit snugly on your RV’s roof. It will also help to be more stable when installed to give you the best signal to receive all HD channels.

The built-in signal finder will make setting it much easier, so it does not waste your time. This also means that you will be able to use all the benefits that come with your satellite service provider.

The newest technology at your disposal will also enhance the UHF signal reception while you still receive all VHF channels. A signal booster will make everything very easy for you, so you do not need to worry about a weak signal again.

A signal acquisition that comes with the antenna will help to make it easier so you can receive all long-range signals. This simply means that your signal reception will be improved for better signal strength so that you can receive all digital TV signals, making this one of the best RV TV antenna options available.

A 360-degree rotation feature makes it easier to quickly point the antenna in the right direction for clear signal reception. This antenna’s 360-degree signal reception feature will ensure that you have broad reception coverage.

While this antenna is much smaller, it will also provide less wind resistance while using it on the road. You will not have problems installing it with the easy-to-understand instructions manual.

There is no mounting plate for mounting this antenna on your RV’s roof, which you can order separately. This might be a problem for those who do not have a large budget to work with, so you may want to go for a more affordable option.

You also do not get a decent warranty with this RV HDTV antenna from King to back their claim for the best quality. For your peace of mind, you need a decent warranty for equipment, especially those that do not come with a low price point.

Winegard RZ-6035 Rayzar z1 RV TV Antenna

  • Straightforward installation
  • 4k reception ability is available
  • Made to be used in different weather conditions
  • Low wind resistance design
  • The antenna connection tab is of mediocre quality
  • Not great for very remote areas with little reception
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

This antenna from Winegard is designed to provide you with the best features, including a much broader reception coverage. Receiving a signal is the main reason for the existence of an antenna, but this manufacturer takes this feature to the next level.


The small footprint provided by the compact design of this RV antenna makes it the best RV TV antenna option where air antennas are needed. At only 8.4 inches wide, this antenna will not even be noticed on your RV’s roof when it is installed.

For watching your favorite broadcast channels wherever you go, this antenna provides exceptional UHF reception with a 360-degree signal reception option. If there is a broadcasting tower that sends out signals, your Winegard Z1 RV TV antenna will pick it up in no time.

Installing the complete antenna system or just the head of the antenna will be a breeze with easy, straightforward instructions. This means that you can have it installed and completely set up without too much effort in only a few minutes.

The long-range signal acquisition will be easy with the turning mechanism that comes standard with this antenna for the RV. All broadcast signals will be easily picked up with this directional RV antenna from Winegard without the possibility of any signal interference.

No cranking is needed to turn the antenna in the right direction of broadcast signals, which makes it easier to get strong signals. The high signal quality will make it easier to find more digital channels for a much better viewing experience while out camping.

With all the great features and the overall innovative design of this antenna, it will be an excellent addition to watching your favorite TV channels.

Some of the plastic parts on this RV TV antenna are made from low-quality plastic that may break easily if not handled with care. What is worse is that these parts have no replacements available from the manufacturer, so you can not use it if it is broken.

This antenna has excellent reception with a signal available, but that is not the case for the most remote areas with few broadcast towers. This is not good if you plan a camping trip to the country’s far reaches as you may struggle to get quality reception.

Our Pick

Furrion Access Omni-Directional Rooftop Antenna

  • Designed to receive many different types of signals
  • An excellent sleek design
  • Easy installation of the complete system
  • Can receive signals from all directions
  • Does not cover 5G frequency bands
  • Does not have an automatic rotation
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

If you need only the best RV TV antenna to ensure top quality and quality construction, this is the one you must consider. This RV antenna is designed for all levels of RV campers so everyone can enjoy their favorite channels even out in the wilderness.


With the detailed installation guide with clear instructions, you will not struggle to install this RV antenna on the roof. You can completely install this antenna to replace the old one in only a few minutes without the need for any prior technical experience.

This is a complete antenna package with everything you need to complete the installation of the antenna to make it a bit easier. This includes all the wires and the mounting bracket that needs to be attached to the top of your RV roof.

A significant factor deters signal interference with the built-in high gain and low noise feature you have with this antenna. This is all possible with the Signal Smart technology built into it for your convenience.

It is made from durable injection-molded ASA materials to improve the overall durability so it can last much longer. This is further enhanced with the weather-resistant coating on the surface to use in many different weather conditions.

The sleek design of this RV antenna will make it blend into the background, making it inconspicuous which is a nice benefit and helps make this one of the best RV TV antenna choices available. The black color and small compact design of the antenna will further add to the unnoticeable nature of the device.

With the 360-degree reception feature of this antenna, there is no need to rotate it to find the best TV signals. So, no cranking to turn it in the right direction from where the broadcast channels come from to have a strong signal.

It can receive all types of radio and even Wi-Fi signals, but the 5G frequency is out of reach of this antenna. With most modern devices focussing on the 5G frequency, this is a bit of a setback for those who need cell reception.

Even if it can receive other types of signals without turning, it can not be turned if you need to find a TV signal. This might not be such a big issue when it comes to Wi-Fi or other non-direction signals, but directional TV signals might be a problem.

The Amplified HD Digital RV TV Antenna From HotTV

  • Can be used as an outdoor/indoor
  • Picks up different frequencies
  • Versatile to be used in many different setups
  • Easy installation and setup options
  • No mounting plate included
  • Made from mediocre materials
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

This TV antenna for your RV is made to provide you with only the best features and a high level of satisfaction. This complete package is one of the best RV TV antenna choices because it is easy to install while lowering the learning curve of ultimately setting it up for your RV.


With quick mounting options at your disposal, you can install this antenna on any surface in and around the RV. You can also install it on your RV’s roof for much better reception and better signal gain.

You can quickly and easily set this antenna up and have it pick up most free HD channels from around the country. Because of the high gain capability, you will have a crystal clear viewing experience wherever you may move with your RV.

A long-range signal pickup of up to 400 miles is possible with this portable TV antenna from HotTV. This will ensure that you will be able to receive broadcasts of most channels from even the most remote areas. Dependability makes this one of the best RV TV antenna options on the market.

This antenna’s great clear picture viewing and strong signal reception is possible because of the built-in signal amplifier. The great thing is that you will be able to receive all this even with the antenna mounted inside the RV.

The long coaxial cable of around 36 feet included with the antenna lets you install it wherever you want. This adds to the convenience and versatility of the bet RV TV antenna so that you can mount it higher at the campsite for better reception.

The excellent compact design of this antenna makes it display well to fit into any decor at home or in the RV. With all the extra signal-boosting features added to this RV, you will never be without your favorite shows.

It might be easy to install this portable antenna virtually anywhere you want, but installing it on your RV may take some effort. This is because there is no mounting plate to attach to your RV’s roof for a much more secure installation.

The materials used in making this antenna are lightweight, making it great for portability but not for durability. This also means that you can not use this in harsh weather conditions because it might break at some point if not careful.

Winegard RV-3095 Sensar III Batwing Amplified RV TV Antenna

  • Very well designed and constructed
  • You receive a complete package to get you going
  • A signal booster comes with the antenna
  • Can be used for HD TV channels as well
  • Has a low signal-receiving range
  • Can be challenging to install without instructions
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
02/18/2024 04:43 am GMT

As it is with all antennas provided by Winegard, you can expect to have only the best, new technology at your disposal. You will not be disappointed with this entry-level RV roof antenna from this company with more than 20 years of experience in the industry.


This 4K-ready RV TV antenna is a good option for the best HD signals and advanced digital viewing capability. So if you have a 4k TV in your RV, this is the best RV TV antenna for you because it will deliver high-quality viewing options.

With a signal booster added to the package, you can pick up broadcasting signals from as far as 55 miles from the tower. This means that the average RV owner will never be without their favorite shows, even on the road.

The overall durable design of this antenna will make it last for many years of happy viewing while camping. It is made from all metal parts, so you do not need to worry about the parts breaking anytime soon.

You also have UV resistance with durable metal construction, so it is ideal to use in many different weather conditions. It is also made to be rust-resistant, so there is no need to worry if it rains while moving around with the antenna exposed.

It is also made to be functional and displayed nicely, so it will not make your RV look bad. With this antenna’s excellent sturdy design and overall durability, it will be a good choice for watching your favorite shows on the go.

With a receiving range of only up to 55 miles, you might consider finding something with a better range if you roam far and wide. This might not be a big problem for those who do not camp on remote sides, but the signal range is short.

When you receive a new item, it is only natural to expect the proper instructions on how to install it. This is not so with the RV antenna from Winegard, and it might take some time before you have it installed and set up.

Conclusion for the Best RV TV Antenna Choices

Our number one choice as the best RV TV antenna is the Furrion Access RV antenna with many different frequency signal reception options to keep you in touch. In second place as the best RV TV antenna is the HotTV HD Amplified antenna with a very long range of 400 miles and its super portability feature.

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