Best Travel Trailers Under 4000 lbs

While going for a big travel trailer might seem amazing as you get all the space and basic amenities you desire, they may be hard to tow, and depending on the type of vehicle you have, they may sometimes be a road hazard, and they are super expensive to repair or maintain. That is why … Read more

How Much Does An Airstream Weigh

How Much Does An Airstream Weigh?

Airstream trailers are a great travel trailer option. They are aerodynamic and suitable for all types of adventures, they also have a nice and sleek design. But like any other type of trailer, their weight is very important for a safe towing experience. That said, exactly how much does an airstream weigh? Well, the average … Read more

How To Charge a DIY Camper Batteries With An Li-BIM

How To Charge RV Battery With Alternator

An RV usually has an in-built generator called an alternator. When The engine is in use and spins, the alternator begins to charge your starting battery which then powers all of the electrical devices that your vehicle requires on a day to day basis. In other words, the alternator works to keep the battery full. … Read more

Does My Trailer Need A License Plate

Does My Trailer Need A License Plate?

Most people fear that they may be in trouble if they drive a trailer without a license plate and that fear isn’t irrational. This article will help you find the information you need to know if you are on your right. But does my trailer need a license plate? Well, in most cases, your trailer … Read more

Can Dogs Ride In A Fifth Wheel

Can Dogs Ride In A Fifth Wheel?

Can dogs ride in a fifth wheel? In most RVs like a Class A, Class C, or 5th wheel, you can bring your dog in the camper portion of the RV while you are driving. But due to the coziness of an RV, it is easy to forget that it is a moving vehicle. So, … Read more

At What Temperature Do RV Water Lines Freeze

At What Temperature Do RV Water Lines Freeze?

Winter is approaching, as an RVer, you need to winterize your motorhome and get set for the cold weather days. But, since the actual essence of winterization is to prevent the systems that hold up water from freezing due to low temperature, one may ask, “At what temperature do RV water lines freeze?” Expectedly, the … Read more

How To Test RV Propane Regulator

How To Test RV Propane Regulator

A propane system is an important part of your RV that makes it comfortable, convenient, and cozy. The propane system operates your gas-fueled appliances. The propane tank is fitted with a regulator that is placed at the top of a portable tank or the outflow port of a permanent tank. It helps to even out … Read more

How To Put Vinegar In RV Hot Water Heater

How To Put Vinegar In RV Hot Water Heater

When hard water passes through your heater, it creates hard water deposits due to its calcium content. This occurs at all the places where the heated water passes through and then dries. The water being heated causes the deposits to be created at a faster rate, thereby exposing an RV hot water heater to hard … Read more