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Published Date: September 9, 2022

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An RV forms the best place for hanging out with your family and friends. It allows you to travel across sites while enjoying the setup of a home. However, uncontrolled temperatures can make staying in an RV quite difficult; hence, like any other premises, you need a heating and cooling system.

Thermostats form one of the essential items of heating or cooling systems that allows you to keep the temperatures of your RV at comfortable levels. Over time, however, it wears out, requiring you to replace it. Unfortunately, with the many brands in the market, selecting one that is a perfect fit can be an uphill task.

In this regard, we have rounded up some of the best affordable thermostats from trusted brands to guide you in making your choice. Read through to learn more, and we hope this review helps you. 

RV Thermostat Reviews

Honeywell TH1100DV1000 Pro-Digital

  • Easy to install
  • Digital control system
  • User-friendly display
  • Accurate temperature control
  • Suitable for a heat-only unit
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The Honeywell TH1100DV1000 is one of the most affordable RV digital thermostats. It features a battery-powered system with temperature control settings ranging from 40 to 90 degrees F.


This is one of the best digital RV thermostats by Honeywell. It features an adjustable temperature scale ranging from 40 to 90 degrees F. This digital thermostat has a backlit LCD that displays actual room temperature. In addition, the digital readout allows you to set the room temperature to your desired degree at ease. Compared to conventional thermostats, this one controls your heating system more accurately, making it reliable and energy efficient.

Another thing that makes this thermostat attractive is the user-intuitive interface. It has a backlit display that allows you to read room temperatures easily. Additionally, the backlight remains off and only illuminates when you are setting. Moreover, this thermostat has a digital readout that makes setting the temperature very easy.

It features a simple two-wire installation that will only take a few minutes; you need a screwdriver and an electrician’s pliers, and you will be good to go. However, finding a technician is highly recommended if you are inexperienced with thermostats.

This Honeywell model is battery-powered, which makes it very efficient and saves you of installation challenges involved with hardwired thermostats. Additionally, the power source allows you to use smart features that give you accurate temperature settings.

However, this thermostat can also be used while connected to the power source. So, if you are looking for reliability associated with hardwired thermostats, you can use this option. Also, this model comes at a very affordable price, so if you are looking for a digital thermostat to replace your ineffective thermostat, this is your best shot.

However, you should note that this is a heat-only unit; thus, you want to ensure it is compatible with your system before purchasing it. So, if you have an air conditioner in your camper, you would need to consider something else.

Coleman RV Camper mach Manual Thermostat

  • Easy to operate
  • Modern, stylish look
  • Durable thermostat
  • Compatible with old versions of thermostat
  • Wide temperature span
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The Coleman RV thermostat features a simple analog model for heating and cooling systems. In addition, it features an easy-to-use switch control system that gives you complete control of your AC, heat pump, and fans.


The Coleman Mach is one of the top-rated heating and cooling system thermostat. It is one of the most reliable and affordable analog RV thermostats available. It features a slide selection switch that allows you to set it to your desired temperature. The controls have been designed to make operating the device easy. You select the desired temperature and the sensor automatically activates your heating and cooling system.

This thermostat makes a great replacement for older versions of RV thermostats. If you want a new thermostat for your 1990s RV, this one will do. The wires on this thermostat will match your old thermostat. Additionally, it perfectly fits into wall plugs of old thermostats, so you won’t have to do any extra modifications. What’s more, is that this thermostat is easy to install. It comes with color-coded wires, so you know what goes where. In addition, it comes with easy-to-read instructions. Setting up this thermostat will take 50 minutes at most.

Another thing you will love about this thermostat is that you get to control your heat pump and air conditioner at a very affordable price. So, if you are looking for cheap heat and a cool thermostat, this one is among the best. You will also enjoy the reliability of a hardwired thermostat. As long as it is connected to a power source, you will not need to monitor it to ensure it is working. Compared to battery-powered thermostats, this is durable and will provide long-lasting service.

Also, this thermostat features a modern, stylish look that compliments the outlook of your RV. If you love style and details, you will love how adorable this thermostat is. This thermostat is compatible with many systems and works to give you service like your original thermostat.

One limitation of this thermostat is that it has a wide temperature gradation setting span. So, this might be cringe-worthy if you are looking for a thermostat with accurate temperature settings.

Suburban 161154 Wall Thermostat

  • Perfect replacement for old thermostats
  • Simple design
  • Consistent performance
  • Efficient and accurate
  • Lacks temperature calibration
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02/18/2024 02:08 am GMT

The Suburban 161154 is a simple analog thermostat that allows you to control your heat pump in the comfort of your RV.


The Suburban 161154 features a simple manual model and makes a perfect replacement for most old thermostats. Once you have grasped the settings, this thermostat works perfectly and allows you to control your heat furnace efficiently. You will love the consistent performance that this thermostat gives. This one will provide you with great service for a long time. Unlike digital thermostats that are battery-powered, this one is wired to the power source, saving you the hassle of having to replace batteries often.

This Suburban thermostat is designed to give accurate control of your heat pump. The thermostat will switch your heat furnace on and off to allow you to maintain the desired level of warmth. In addition, this thermostat works consistently and switches the heating system when not needed. So, if you are looking for a simple, fully functioning thermostat that will allow you to efficiently control your heat furnace in the comfort of your camper, this is ideal. What’s more, is that you get all these perks at a very affordable price.

One of the great features of this thermostat is that it is very easy to install. It will perfectly fit into the existing wall plug, and the screw holes are compatible with those in most RVs. So, if you can follow the instructions, installing this thermostat is simple and quick. This model is hardwired, and unlike a battery-powered thermostat, it works well even in freezing temperatures. Additionally, it is durable and gives you a long-lasting service.

However, this thermostat does not have a temperature scale; instead, it has a series of hash marks labeled cooler and warm. Without a temperature scale, it isn’t easy to control the temperature and mark it once you get the suitable temperature that works for you next time. Also, you should note this thermostat is made for a heat-only unit and will not work on a combined heating and cooling system.

DOMETIC 3106995.032 RV Analog Thermostat

  • Long lasting service
  • Easy to operate slide-switch control system
  • Fairly accurate
  • Easy to install
  • Limited to analog only
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02/18/2024 02:14 am GMT

Another top-rated company known for bringing quality home products to the market is Dometic, and this is one of their top-selling products. This particular thermostat features a simple design for both cooling and heating systems.


This Dometic analog thermostat comes with an easy-to-control interface. It has calibrated temperatures ranging from 40 to 90 degrees F for easy control of the temperatures. Additionally, it features an easy-to-slide switch allowing you to set it to your preferred temperature. This thermostat features a similar setup and, in this case, is very easy to install.

Furthermore, this thermostat is fairly accurate, allowing you to keep the temperature of your RV at your desired level. It will turn your air conditioner on and off at an accuracy of plus or minus two degrees to keep the temperature inside your RV at comfortable levels. Moreover, it is durable, allowing you to enjoy great service for a long time. So, if you are looking for a thermostat that will give you value for your money, this one will do.

Another thing that makes this thermostat attractive is the power source. This thermostat works directly from the power source, making it reliable. Unlike a battery-powered thermostat, it will give you great performance in all temperatures. You will not have to worry about the battery freezing in extremely cold temperatures. Also, it will save you the hassle of checking the battery levels regularly. This one will give you a great performance that will last many miles.

At a size of 16 x 16 x 9″ and a weight of 0.5 pounds, this thermostat is compact and easy to maneuver. Also, it comes in a stylish color and shape that compliments the interior of your RV. The temperature calibrations are large and clear, and you can easily read them from the comfort of your chair. This wall thermostat comes at an affordable price and makes a suitable replacement for your old thermostat.

The Dometic RV Analog Thermostat works for analog control systems only. Additionally, this thermostat works for cooling and heating systems that do not involve heating components and will not work with heat pumps.

DOMETIC Hydro Flame Corp 32300 Thermostat

  • Simple design for ease of installation
  • Reliable and long-lasting performance
  • Affordable
  • High-quality materials
  • Rigid slide switch
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Another model from a top and trusted brand is the Hydro Flame thermostat designed for heat-only units. It features a lever temperature control ranging from 40 to 90 degrees F to allow you to keep the warmth of your room at the desired level.


The Hydro Flame 32300 thermostat features a simple design that is easy and quick to install. This thermostat does not require technical expertise and will take you only a few minutes to set it up. In addition, it comes with a calibrated temperature scale that allows you to keep your RV temperatures at the desired level. Another feature that adds to the desirability of this thermostat is the high-quality materials that make it highly durable.

This one is a heat-only thermostat exclusively meant for controlling your heating components. At a relatively accurate setting, this device keeps the warmth levels of your RV at the desired temperature. It will turn off the heating furnace when the warmth levels are high and turn it on when the temperatures fall below the desired temperature.

Additionally, it is compact and lightweight, which makes it very easy to put in position. At a size 3 x 1 x 3 inches, this device only weighs 0.1 pounds. Also, it features an analog design and makes a perfect for many RV thermostats. It is hardwired, allowing you to enjoy consistent performance throughout. So, your thermostat will be up and running even in the coldest seasons. Also, you do not need to monitor it often to check the battery levels.

One downside of this thermostat noted by many is the rigidity of the switch. It is very hard to move it up and down, making the operation of the thermostat difficult. In addition, the temperature indicator is hard to see, which makes setting the thermostat challenging for you.

Final Verdict

The first thing you will look at as a buyer when purchasing a thermostat is the price, and you want to go for one that is affordable and has most of your desired features. Ideally, a perfect thermostat allows you to control the temperatures in your RV with ease. This review has rounded up some of the best and most affordable RV thermostats to help you make an informed choice. 

Safe travels and happy adventures!

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