Can A Minivan Tow A Camper?

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Published Date: December 29, 2020

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Not everyone wants to opt for a big RV because sometimes, all you need is a camper that can meet you and your family’s camping needs, especially when you have a vehicle like a minivan that doesn’t have much towing capacity.

But can a minivan tow a camper? Yes, but there isn’t a specific brand name of camper you can tow with a minivan.

You need to opt for a camper that does not weigh more than the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating of your minivan. This weight rating is usually located on a sticker placed on your front door frame. To find out more regarding your minivan’s towing capacity just, keep reading.

Can A Minivan Tow A Camper?

A minivan can tow a camper but it depends on several factors. For example, some models of the Chrysler Town and Country have about 3,600 pounds towing capacity, while some can only haul 1,600 pounds.

Before trying to tow any camper you need to check its weight as well as your minivan towing capacity to see if your minivan can safely pull the camper. Another next necessary factor is to ensure you have or can install a tow package on your minivan.

Once the tow package has been set in place, you can attach the trailer to the hitch and also connect the safety chain and light systems.

But before you hit the road, take your rig, trailer, and go to a large parking lot and test out the brakes, lights, and pulling power to ensure everything is in good working condition.

This also helps you to get used to pulling a camper and also gives you an idea of what to expect when you are on the road especially if it’s your first time towing a camper.

When using your minivan as a towing vehicle you need to go for a lightweight camper of at least not more than 850 pounds, this gives you ample weight room for food, passengers, and other needed gear and equipment.

Getting a camper that has a weight close to your vehicle’s towing capacity, leaves you little or no room for carry-ons.

Towing a Pop-Up Camper With a Minivan

Best Camper to Pull With a Minivan

If you can use a minivan to tow a camper, you should be able to pull a pop-up trailer as well. There isn’t much of a difference between the two recreational vehicles and you will need the proper tow package for both RVs to ensure you are able to tow them safely.

Like with towing a camper, you also need to make sure that the popup camper you intend to tow is well below the towing capacity of your minivan. You also need to ensure that there’s adequate weight room left over for carryons like food, extra propane, clothes, and other safety equipment.

One concern you also need to address is the hitch. You will need the right hitch for your minivan. To get the correct hitch for your vehicle you may need to talk to a good repairman or your minivan dealer.

However, you should note that not all minivans are built to tow RVs so before using yours to tow any type of trailer. You need to carry out proper research and ensure your minivan’s model has the right equipment to handle the towing of an RV.

What Size of Camper Can a Minivan Pull?

The size of the camper you can tow with a minivan depends on the weight of the camper. The foot length of a camper has little or nothing to do with the towing capacity. There are a couple of factors that determine the size of camper your minivan can tow.

For example, if you have a 2017 Kia Sedona, it can tow about 3500 pounds but this does not just include trailer weight.

You will have to factor in the weight of passengers as well as supplies and gears you will need on your trip, all these different factors should be subtracted from the towing capacity of your minivan then you get the right camper weight your vehicle can tow.

Another factor you also need to consider is the engine power of your minivan. You need to ensure that your vehicle has enough engine power to tow a camper.

Although most minivans can successfully tow certain camper they may not have the power to carry the camper up those steep mountain slopes many RVers travel.

Another thing to consider is your driving habits and the braking power of the minivan, because although you may feel it is safe to tow a large camper, it may not actually be safe. That is because you are not the only road user and other drivers may not be as safe on the road as you.

Best Camper to Pull With a Minivan

Can A Minivan Tow A Camper

There are different great trailers or campers you can tow with your minivan. They range from small to medium sizes because although your minivan can handle large campers it is best to stay on the safe side and go for a small or medium-sized camper your vehicle can tow with ease.

Towing Small trailers is quite easy as they are easier to maneuver and take turns with. Here is the list of great campers you can haul with your minivan:

1. Tear Drop Campers

They are small and very portable but with enough room to contain your basic amenities and supplies.

2. Timberline By Homegrown Trailers

These trailers are a little larger and aside from being a camper, you can set it up as a guesthouse in your backyard if you have space for times when you have unexpected guests.

3. A Happier Camper

These campers have a simplistic design but they also provide you with the basic camping necessities.

4. The Terrapin by Casual Turtle Camper

This camper has a red cedar exterior which is a show stopper and also gives you that down-home feeling.

5. The Cricket by Taxa Outdoors

This is a Popup camper with other necessary camping gear built into a very compact space.

How To Find The Right Camper For Your Minivan

Although most campers were meant to be towed with a truck, that doesn’t mean you can’t use a minivan for the same purpose, you just need to find the right camper.

1. Weight

You will need a lightweight camper in order to be able to tow it with a minivan. Also going for a lightweight camper gives you the ability to bring on adequate supplies and gear you will need for your trip without exceeding your camper towing capacity.

2. Design

Ensure to opt for a space-saving design and skip out on those unnecessary features that take up precious space and also rake up the weight.

3. Storage

You also want to opt for a camper with adequate storage space so you can bring a lot of stuff without crowding your living space. This would include wire racks, plastic shelves, or even drawers.

4. Customizing Capability

You want a camper that you will be able to add your own personal touches and make good use of any extra space you may have inside. Being able to use hanging racks without having to open the cabinet door open is a great addition to a camper.

5. Fold Up Bed

Having a bed that can be folded up gives you extra storage space under the mattress and most of all being able to convert your bed into a couch is also a great idea.

6. Size

The size of a camper is not the main factor in finding a camper that can be towed with your minivan. If it is a lightweight camper you can opt for a larger camper but if it isn’t you would have to go with a smaller one.

7. Towing Capacity

When choosing a camper, you need to make sure it is well under the tow limit of your minivan. This weight should also include the weight of supplies, passengers, and any gear and equipment you bring along with you.

8. Looks

Finally, no one wants an ugly camper so make sure your camper looks good and is also in great shape.


If you are wondering if can a minivan tow a camper probably because you own a minivan and you don’t want to upgrade to a truck, the good news is yes! You a minivan can tow a camper but there are several factors that come into play here.

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